Taking it One Day at a Time

Friday March 27th 2020

Wind was the operative word in today’s weather. It blew hard and gusted even harder. Although the sun was out most of the day, the temperature only got into the high sixties.

Mountains on the north side of the valley.

As the end of the month gets closer, many of the snowbirds in the RV park have packed up and headed home. These are the folks that are keeping to their schedule despite all of the issues with travel associated with the COVID-19 virus. I learned when I arrived last week that others had departed early and some had extended rather than heading into potentially worse areas of the country. There are also many RVs with Texas and South Dakota license plates which usually means they are full timers like me.

Today was another day in my new routine of a couple of walks around the park during the day with reading and TV in between. I will probably do a little touring of the area from the inside of my car over the next few days and weeks as a diversion. I might even find an area to hike that allows for “social distancing” while hiking. Also on my list during this period of forced downtime are a few maintenance tasks around the RV. I’m taking it one day at a time.

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