A Slow Day with a Little Exercise

Thursday March 26th 2020

The forecast drop in temperature finally arrived today. The mostly cloudy day only allowed the temperature to reach seventy. Late in the day the cloud cover broke for a little while. It allowed for a pretty desert sunset.

Tonight’s sunset

Today wasn’t a very exciting day. I lingered over breakfast with a second cup of coffee with the TV on. It was almost noon before it was warm enough to open the door to the outside. Even then I didn’t leave my RV home until much later.

Today was a two walk around the park day. Going up and down each of the roads and around the perimeter I get more than a mile of exercise, but it isn’t very interesting. I ventured out the main gate for hundred feet or so. That is a walk for another day. It is a very sparsely settled neighborhood.

Wildflowers along the entrance road to the RV park.

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