Florida Rain changes my plans in Las Vegas

Sunday February 16th 2020

The weather was a couple of degrees warmer than Saturday, but otherwise was very similar. There were high light clouds early that cleared toward the end of the day. The temperature peaked just below seventy. Tomorrow is forecast to reach seventy with a little more wind.

My day was structured around the Daytona 500. My plan was to watch the race before leaving the park for a few errands and a visit to the strip. It just wasn’t to be. First, the race was scheduled to start later than I thought. I expected it to start around 1PM eastern time which would be 10AM here. It was actually scheduled to start sometime after 3PM eastern time. The second wrinkle happened when mother nature got into the mix. The race start was delayed because of rain. Once it got started they only ran 20 laps before the rain stopped the race again. The broadcast team was optimistic for a quick restart for about the first hour of delay before they switched to a replay of last years race. I moved on to other TV programming checking back in every half hour or so. By the time I knew they had rescheduled the race for tomorrow, it was after 4PM. It turned into a day at home.

While the TV played in the background, I started to pick up a few around the rig in preparation of leaving here a week from Tuesday. One of the things I did was mount my print of the Great Blue Heron on a black mat frame. It still isn’t hung on the wall, but it is looking good.

My exercise today was restricted to walks around the RV park. I made another attempt at a picture of the sunset during my last walk of the day. The sun location still isn’t cooperating. The angle to the setting sun is not optimal.

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