Visiting the Birds

Saturday February 15th 2020

It was another great weather day even though there were more clouds in the sky than the last couple of days. A high thin layer of clouds kept the full sun from reaching the ground, but it was a few degrees warmer than yesterday.

After a couple of moderately active days, today was a slow day. I lingered over my breakfast coffee reading internet blither, real news, gossip news and miss leading headlined news all mixed together. Now that the football season is over, the TV programming is inconsistent. I can’t use the programming to keep track of time on weekend days. It was early afternoon before I came up for air from my reading.

For exercise I drove to the Clark County Wetlands Park for a mile or two hike. The park was very full today. Lots of families with young kids were using the trails. There were also several people walking dogs and riding bikes. Both of these activities are prohibited in large portions of the park, but no one seems to enforce the rules. My guess is most of the people have a different interpretation of the rules than I do. The long form list of rules says dogs on leach are allowed except where indicated. A similar rule applies to bike riding. On the opposite side of the path from the sign with the long form rules is a big graphic sign that says no dogs and no bike riding. It really is confusing. Most of the dogs aren’t a problem, but fast moving bicycles coming around the blind corners could easily take out a hiker or two.

The number of people in the park has an inverse relationship on the wildlife. Many of the animals stay in hiding with all the noisy people around. All I saw today were the more common water birds and a few skittish grouse.

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