A Little Bit of Christmas has Arrived

Sunday November 24th 2019

Today was another day that football coverage caught me. The pregame shows start at 9AM in this time zone. It is a real breakfast with football scenario. The early game was of particular interest to the Las Vegas area. The soon to be Las Vegas Raiders were playing the New York Jets. Much to the dismay of the local fans they lost rather decisively. The game I was interested in between the Patriots and the Cowboys was in the second time slot from 1:30 to 4:30.

To take advantage of the good weather, I pulled myself away from the first game once the outcome was clear. It was a sunny day with a gentle breeze and a high temperature in the mid sixties. Tomorrow is forecast to be very windy before the rain and snow in the mountains start on Tuesday. I made it back to my TV by the second half of the Patriots game. It was a bit of a nail bitter at the end, but the Patriots pulled out the win.

Walking around the RV park this evening it was clear that the Christmas season is getting closer. Even though the RV park hasn’t turned on the decorations at the club house, many of the RV in the park have started to decorate. Most only have a few simple lights, but a few have adorned their RVs with hundreds of lights. As the holiday gets closer I expect to see many more decorations. The pictures of the decorations I took tonight didn’t come out very clear. Only one was good enough to include in this blog entry and it has issues. As more decorations are put up my pictures should get better.

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