A Day for Random Tasks

Saturday November 23rd 2019

Today was a catch-up kind of day filled with random tasks that finally reached the top of the queue. It started with washing the sink full of dirty dishes. I don’t leave the hot water heater on all the time. I turn it on for showers and usually do the dishes next. The last few day’s I’ve done other things after showering, so today was catch-up time.

Blossoms of the day

The second task of the day was putting the throw blanket I bought earlier in the week on the couch as a sort of slip cover. The fake leather is showing the four years of wear and needs to be covered. The blanket I bought fits well, but isn’t the prettiest thing in the world. Now that I’m sure of the size and approach, I’ll look for something more appropriate.

Sofa with the throw blanket applied as a kind of slip cover.

Most of the other tasks were less noteworthy like emptying the hold tanks, but I also got into planning mode which consumed the rest of the day. Next summers planning is still incomplete after April and I need to get back to that. Today I started thinking further out. The eleven month reservation window for Florida State Parks is starting to arrive for next winter in Florida. I spent some time today figuring out where I wanted to stay and roughly when. I like to do a bunch of two week stays at various state parks. I’ve set entries in my online calendar for the days eleven months out to try for the competitive reservations. I’ll need to be up and online at 5AM Pacific time to try for a campsite. I’ve already missed my chance at a couple of parks in mid October. There is also the possibility that I’ll find a commercial park for a couple of month stay, but the cost in Florida is double what I’m paying here in Las Vegas. That creates a mental barrier to going that route even though the state park approach is also more expensive.

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