Groceries and Touring

Monday September 9th 2019

More than an inch of rain fell in this area last night. Judging by the noise of rain drops hitting my roof, all of it fell on my RV. Between midnight and four in the morning a steady roar echoed off the walls inside my RV home. It made getting to sleep very difficult. By day break the rain had moved inland. It was a cloudy day with high temperatures near seventy.

Today’s Rose Blossom

This morning I finally made it to Walmart for groceries. My cabinets and refrigerator weren’t empty, but I was getting down on supplies. Every trip to Walmart is an interesting mix of the familiar and the odd. On today’s visit the strange thing was the absence of cashiers. Only one checkout with a human cashier was open. They really wanted you to use the self service checkouts. If I have more than a few items, I’ll wait for a real checkout every time. Maybe if they paid me to use the self service checkouts I would. Self service checkout at this Walmart was very popular, I only had to wait behind two other customers in the “full” service line.

After delivering the groceries to my RV home, I got in a little touring of the area. I spent a little time exploring Seaside Oregon. It’s a beach community with a very large and wide beach and the requisite shops near the beach. The walkway along the beach is called the Promenade. It’s paved so they can’t call it a boardwalk. In the middle of the town Broadway street makes a turn around at the beach. This location has a monument that declares it as the end of the Lewis and Clark trail. They don’t seem to care about the historical evidence that shows Lewis and Clark never got to this area. They spent the winter ten miles north near the mouth of the Columbia River.

Astoria – Megler bridge across the Columbia River between Oregon and Washington in the haze.

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