Rainy Day Watching TV

Sunday September 8th 2019

The forecast rain arrived last night and has hung around all day. There were two brief periods that it paused and brighten up enough that I could see a few shadows, but they didn’t last long. The first occurred in the middle of the morning and the second just before sunset. It has been mostly a gentle rain in this area. Inland, toward Portland, they have been having heavy rain, thunderstorms and even a couple of tornado warnings.

The rain out the front window of my RV home.

The morning letup in the rain was just in time to allow all the weekend campers to pack and depart. I watched a steady stream of RVs pass by my site on their way out of the campground. A few RVs arrived to take their place this afternoon, but I doubt the campground is anywhere near full. The rain has kept me from walking around to checkout the turnover in the park.

Yesterday I planned to get some grocery shopping accomplished today. The rain and a football game changed my mind. I was comfortable in my warm RV watching the first football game of the day when the rain picked up after the morning lull. Getting wet and driving in the rain just wasn’t that appealing. Instead I watched parts of two football games and the NASCAR race from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The Patriots vs. Steelers game was the only sporting event I watched from start to finish today. My New England roots were well satisfied, but I was surprised how one sided the score turned out.

Things haven’t been all relaxing and entertaining today. The power went out once, necessitating a check of the outside connection and the campground cable TV reception deteriorated to the point it became useless. The power came right back on so that was a minor annoyance. The cable TV will take more checking. I think my cable from the campgrounds connection to the RV is impacted by the wet weather. Until I can check it out more carefully, I’m watching the over the air stations from my regular TV antenna. I’m receiving all four of the major networks and PBS. My satellite antenna is blocked by the trees.

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