Starting My Fall Travels

Wednesday September 4th 2019

Today started cool and dark. The first half of the day was all about the clouds and the second half all about the sun. It was like a switch was thrown at noon and the clouds disappeared and the sun took over. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky all afternoon. The temperature made it to the low eighties by sunset.

The gloomy morning had an impact on my day. Another shopping day was in my thoughts, but I kept waiting for the sun. I stretched my morning coffee and caught up on various internet based reading. By the time the sun arrived I was deep into researching ideas for next summers travels. The thought of shopping, which is never high on my scale of “want to do”, went away. When I finally put down my tablet, it was time for a late lunch followed by a walk along the campgrounds nature trail.

Calapooia River along the campground’s nature trail.

Tomorrow is the start of my fall travels. I have a series of stops planned that eventually end in Las Vegas for the winter. The first stop is in the northwest corner of Oregon where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean. I’ll be there for a week. Working my way back to the east from there I’ll stop in the Columbia River Gorge again. I hope to see the salmon running at one of the Fish Hatcheries during the week I’ll be staying in Cascade Locks.

The next stop will be on the eastern side of the Cascade mountains in the Redmond Oregon area for almost a week. From there I will work my way down to the Reno NV area for two weeks. I’ll need to stop for a night along the way to Reno to break up the travel distance. In the Reno area I hope to see some of the transition to fall in the Lake Tahoe area during the first half of October. The second half of October will be further south in Nevada. I will be staying in the Pahrump NV area for two weeks after another one night stop somewhere along the way. Death Valley National Park is just to the west of Pahrump in California. The final stop on my fall travels will be in Las Vegas at the end of October. I’ll be there until the end of February.

I completed some of the travel preparation tasks this evening. In the morning I’ll finish the job and get on the road for the 160 plus miles of travel.

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