Summer Travel Season is Over

Tuesday September 3rd 2019

It was cool overnight and slow to warm up this morning. The temperature finally peaked in the low eighties in the late afternoon after bright sunshine all day.

It is clear that the summer travel season is over for many people. This campground less than half full last night and is even emptier tonight. When I was here in early July and when I arrived last week the campground was full or close to full every night. The few people that came in tonight were all from out of the area. Other than the long term residents, there are very few site occupied by people with Oregon license tags. Kids in Oregon are either back in school already or return this week.

Labor day always causes a change in travel and vacation schedules, but for some reason I didn’t think it was going to happen this year. Some of my surprise results from not being prepared for the arrival of the unofficial end of summer. August went by very quickly. The other thing is the surprising number of Oregonians that have RVs. I don’t know what the official statistics are, but it sure seems like more people from Oregon and Washington spend time in RVs than I see in other states. My difficulty getting reservations on weekends is one result of the high number of campers.

Blossom of the day

I spent most of the day relaxing around my RV home. Getting the laundry done was part of today’s plan, but it didn’t happen. I’m not particularly impressed with the laundry here. Probably the biggest problem the distance from my RV home to the laundry. I’d really have to drive or something clean would likely end up on the dirty ground. Hopefully, my next stop at the end of the week will have a more convenient laundry facility.

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