A Little Exploring on the North Side of Coos Bay

Tuesday August 13th 2019

The overnight low clouds/fog didn’t burn off until about ten this morning. Eventually the sun managed to get the temperature into the low seventies. So far the clouds have not returned tonight.

Today I did a little exploring across the McCullough Memorial Bridge on the north side of Coos Bay. The bridge is an impressive cantilever structure spanning the bay high above the surface. It is currently draped with tarps and netting to support repairs and painting, so I didn’t take any pictures. The Wikipedia page linked above has a nice picture.

High tide in the Haynes Inlet on the north side of Coos Bay.

The Oregon Dunes begin just north of Coos Bay. I drove out into the Horsfall area of the Siuslaw National Forest. You really need to get off the road to see the area, but it doesn’t appear to be particularly safe to walk. There are Off Road vehicles speeding around everywhere. The campgrounds are filled with several ATVs at each site. The sound of two stroke engine filled the air. I didn’t stay long, but I got a general idea of the lay of the land.

I got my exercise this afternoon by walking around the RV park a couple of times. Most of the sites in the park turn over every few days, but there are a few that were here before I arrived and will likely be here when I leave. There is a twenty eight day limit, so I don’t think there are any really long term residents.

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