Chores and Relaxation

Monday August 12th 2019

Most of the day was a clone of yesterday’s good weather. The sun warmed the air into the low seventies. A gentle breeze blew most of the day. Toward nightfall the similarity departed. Low clouds started to move in from the ocean.

Curious boat passing by the RV park. I’m not sure what it’s used for.

I spent the morning watching the turnover in the RV Park. For some reason there was more departures this morning than Sunday. Where my site is located the majority of the RVs have to pass by to exit the park and there can be some interesting interactions. One trailer had pulled into a “pull in style site” designed for motorhomes. To depart this morning it had to be backed out into the road. Let’s just say they should have had a pull through site.

Blossoms of the day

This was a stay at home day. I caught up on a few chores, caught up on some reading and watched some TV. I had planned to head over to the coast late in the day to watch sunset, but the arrival of a low cloud bank put a halt to that idea. The clouds will also make checking out the meteor shower tonight difficult to impossible. I’ll try to catch the sunset another night.

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