Haircut and a Hike

Monday July 22nd 2019

It was another hot day in the mid 90s. There was one nice temperature mitigator today. A breeze blew cooling air all day. Tomorrow is forecast to be a few degrees cooler.

Wildflower blossom of the day

Today started with a drive to the big city of Medford Oregon. It’s about 15 minutes south of my RV home along Interstate 5. My mission was to get a haircut. My last hair cut was in March back in Florida. Let’s just say I didn’t look like myself. I found a SuperCuts that didn’t have more negative reviews than positive on the Internet. The last couple I’ve considered were not highly regarded. I try to use SuperCuts or GreatClips fore haircuts. The franchise guaranties at least the experience, if not the cut is consistent.

Freshly coiffed, I stopped into a few stores looking for anything and nothing at the same time. Then I returned north toward my RV home the long way. I took the Crater Lake Highway northeast before cutting back to the west along the Rogue River. Tomorrow or the next day I plan to finish the trip up the Crater Lake highway to the National Park.

Dillon falls on the Rogue River.

On the way back to camp I stopped at the Golden Nugget Wayside parking area and hiked down to the Rogue River. Dillon Falls is located along this stretch of the river. A couple of rafts were pulled up on the far bank after coming through the rapids and a single kayak was “playing” with the whitewater. The guy would try to paddle up river through the heavy rapids by hugging the bank. Once he lost headway he would turn the kayak enough so the nose would swing around and he got to ride the whitewater back down the river. Since he was parked at the Wayside parking area beside my car, I think he was just having fun in the river, rather than really trying to make his way up river. Several other people were also watching the kayak show.

Kayak fighting the rapids of the falls.

When I got back to the campground I had all new neighbors. The area of the campground I’m in seems to turn over every night or two. Last night I only had immediate neighbors behind me. Tonight I have neighbors on both sides. With both sides occupied, it is a little tight. It’s good enough for another week.

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