Ti’lomikh Falls Hike

Sunday July 21st 2019

It was another comfortable sleeping night, but not as cool as the previous night. The tree cover above my campsite kept my RV home cool all morning. By the middle of the afternoon the temperature was in the low to mid nineties with enough humidity to make it seem warmer. Hopefully, it will get cool enough to sleep without the AC.

Wildflower blossom of the day
Berry anyone?

Before it got to hot I went for another hike along the Rogue River. Today’s hike was at the Ti’lomikh Falls area just up river from Gold Hill. There is a walking trail and a bicycle trail in the area of the falls. The trail follows the river and passes areas of white water with a few two or three foot drops and plenty of washed up debris from up river.

Two rafts full of people coming toward the falls.
The next challenge for the rafters.
Entering the white water area.
Fully committed.
Second boat into the rapids.
Getting ready for the next section of rapids.

While I was near the falls, I got the chance to watch a couple of rafts shoot the rapids. The first boat got stuck on some high rocks until the second raft rammed it loose. Whitewater rafting on this area of the river is very popular. According to the internet, a five and a half mile stretch that ends in Gold Hill includes Class II to IV rapids. I find it hard to believe that some of the whitewater I saw today wasn’t greater than difficult, but I don’t have any expertise in rafting. That is why I was looking things up on the internet.

First section of the rapids without the rafts.
Debris washed up by the waters of the Rogue River.
This section of whitewater is really fast moving.

After hiking by the area of the falls the trail passes the old Gold Hill Diversion Dam. It was remove in 2008 because it was an obstacle to the salmon migration. Young salmon got caught in the diversion dam on their way to the ocean and spawning fish had difficulty getting up river past the dam. The town water supply now comes from a pump station at another location.

Remains of the Gold Hill Diversion Dam.

The hike only a little over a mile round trip, but it was enjoyable. I may return with my bicycle. The trail that starts at the dam parking lot goes all the way to the town of Rogue River about half way to Grants Pass. I was back at my campsite before it got too hot.

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