Trying to Tour in the Rain

Thursday May 30th 2019

In the two weeks since I departed Florida I’ve been dodging bad weather. My biggest concession to the weather was changing my route to a more southerly route. I also sped up and slowed down my journey west to avoid weather issues. Today the rain finally caught me.

Wall of Red Canyon through the rain.

This morning a few brief rain showers interspersed with attempts at clearing were the pattern. Late in the morning it looked like the sunshine had finally won the battle. I used the opportunity to start my touring in the area. As I departed the campground a big black cloud was approaching across the valley. It caught up with me as a thunderstorm very quickly. The rain was so hard I chose to pull into one of the roadside turnouts and wait out the storm. This storm lasted longer than any of the morning rain showers. Eventually I was able to continue up the road.

Another section of the Red Canyon wall.

The rain wasn’t over. After a brief reprieve heavy rain returned. I stopped at the Red Canyon visitors center of the Dixie National Forest to get off the road again. The rain kept me in my car for fifteen minutes before I was able to get into the building without getting soaked through. After touring the exhibits and the gift shop I ventured out again. In the light rain I walked a little ways along a path toward a couple of Hoodoos behind the visitors center. The trail was very muddy but I was able to get to a clear area to take a picture or two before the heavier rain returned.

Two Hoodoos on top of the canyon wall behind the Red Canyon Visitors Center.

It was clear that touring in the rain was not going to be a pleasant experience, so I started back to my RV home. As I got near my home base the rain stopped completely. The valley looked clear of rain so I continued past the campground and turned north in the valley. Before I found anything of interest in that direction another big black cloud was moving in from the west. A retreat to the safety and dry conditions of my RV home was in order.

As the sun set across the valley the clouds were still hanging low.

It continued to rain hard with a few brief dry spells all afternoon. My evening the sun broke through enough that I’d call the condition partly cloudy. A little bit of a sunset was even visible at 8:45PM. Tomorrow sounds a little better. The chance of showers isn’t as high and the temperature is forecast to be a little higher than today’s sixty. I really want to hike some of the trails in the area, but I don’t want to slog through the mud.

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