Travel Day to the Bryce Canyon Area

Wednesday May 29th 2019

The cool overnight temperature combined with the extra hour provided by the time zone change allowed me to get up early and get an early start to the travel day. I left Flagstaff at 8:20 in the morning and arrived at the Red Canyon Village RV Park at 2:15, but I lost that hour I gained yesterday with a return to Mountain Standard Time. It was just under five hours of travel.

Today’s journey was one of the most beautiful and one of the most difficult drives on my Rambling Road Trip. The road snakes its way through valleys with high red rock cliffs, across flat deserts with massive red rock buttes in the distance and winds it way up and down the cliffs through cuts in the rock walls. The beauty comes at the cost of lots of elevation changes along narrow roads. I had to pay close attention to the road with two hands on the wheel. There weren’t any places to pull off the road to admire the landscape and I couldn’t safely take pictures out the window as I traveled.

Site 211 at the Red Canyon Village RV Park.

The trip north from Flagstaff to the Bryce Canyon area is not the straightest trip. The Grand Canyon is in the way. Route US89 goes northeast to Page AZ then across the Glen Canyon Dam before angling back west northwest to Kanab UT then north to the Bryce Canyon area. My day started and ended at about 6800 feet in elevation, but in between I climbed to well over 7000 feet and down to less than 4000 feet crossing the Glen Canyon Dam. My campsite for the next five nights is about fifteen miles west of Bryce Canyon. To get to the canyon, I’ll climb a few hundred feet more, but it won’t be with the motorhome in low gear straining to make the climb. The SUV doesn’t take as much gas or effort to navigate the climbs.

View in front of my RV at the Red Canyon Village RV Park.

The weather here is not as warm as I expected. It didn’t get out of the fifties here today and it is currently raining. Tomorrow and Friday are forecast to be in the sixties with a chance of thunder storms. Saturday and Sunday are forecast to be closer to seasonal temperatures in the low seventies.

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