Travel Day to the Albuquerque Area

Friday May 24th 2019

Even though the wind was forecast to be light, I got an early start to my travel day to get some miles in before the wind woke up. I pulled out of the El Paso KOA about quarter to nine. Most of my early departure was consumed at the gas station less than a mile up the road. It was 9:20 before I left the gas station.

Wildflower blossoms.

I got in line at the gas station behind two cars that looked like they were finishing up. The driver of the first car in line finished pumping, then cleaned his windows before getting into the drivers seat. Five minutes later he was still there, but that didn’t matter. The driver of the second car wasn’t even in the car. He slowly walked back from the store and started to pump his gas as the driver of the first car was still sitting in the drivers seat. I’m guessing it was more than fifteen minutes before both cars departed. Once I pulled up to the pumps I understood why the second car’s driver had to go into the store. The display screen on the pump was broken to the point that paying at the pump was a guessing game. I had to go into the store as well. Not wanting to leave my credit car with the cashier while I filled the tank, I prepaid for $100 worth of gas. It was a guess based on the gauge estimate of how much room was in the tank. I was close, but they would have gotten more of my money if the pump display worked. Gas stations can be so much fun.

The trip north on Intestate 25 was a new road for me. I thought it would follow the Rio Grande river valley from Las Cruces to Albuquerque. The river turned out to be in the distance occasionally, but most of the time the road was going up and down over ridges and across canyons after steep drops followed by equally steep climbs. It was not a drive for cruise control. I had to manage the throttle to keep up as much speed as possible. Luckily the wind was not a factor. Yesterday it would have been miserable with a west wind hitting the RV broadside.

Site 1213 at the Route 66 RV Resort behind the Route 66 casino on Interstate 40 west of Albuquerque.

The drive was mostly through desert vegetation until I got near Albuquerque. The road got closer to the river and the scenery got greener with more agriculture. Then it was back to big city driving. The turn west on Interstate 40 is right in the middle of the city. The campground I’m staying at is the Route 66 RV Resort. It turned out to be a little further west of the city than I had anticipated, but it will do for the next four nights. Tomorrow I’ll start touring in the area.

View in front of my RV.

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