Nearing the End of My Cross Country Rush

Thursday May 23rd 2019

After four straight days of travel, today was a day of rest. I have one more day of travel tomorrow before I switch into mostly touring mode for the summer. I have traveled about 1650 miles since I departed the Gainesville Florida area last Thursday. Last Saturday was the only other day I didn’t travel, so that averages out to 275 miles a travel day. Tomorrow will be another 275 mile travel day.

Back in the desert again.

Dodging the bad weather has been the biggest challenge of the trip. If I had taken the northern Texas route I originally planned, tornadoes and rain would have been a real problem. There were tornado warnings in three of the four or five areas I was going to spend overnights and one area was partially flooded by the Red River overflow. The southern route I ended up taking had thunderstorms and strong winds to deal with, but very manageable by comparison.

When I crossed the Mississippi in Baton Rouge the river was already high. It looked to be very close to the top of the levee. Most of the rain that has been falling over the last few days in the mid west drains through the Mississippi River. I think the potential for flooding is increasing rapidly. Other swamps and rivers in Louisiana and Eastern Texas also looked high. Once I got to West Texas and the more arid land, the local weather reporters are talking about the wind. Having multiple days with a strong wind this time of year is apparently abnormal. One or two days of wind followed by periods of calm is more normal. Tomorrow is the first day of light winds forecast in the last six. The weather pattern that is bringing storms off the Pacific into the heartland causes tornadoes in the area known as Tornado Alley, strong winds to this area of the southwest of the Alley and cooler temperatures in Arizona, Southern California and Nevada. Traveling this country seems to be a real meteorology lesson.

Helicopters crossing the area to the north.

I didn’t do much today other than television and internet research. Today’s wind direction was out of the west. It hit my RV broadside and even managed to shake the rig a little. I had to bring in the main slide room too keep the awning topper from making noise. The real fear is the next step after making noise is ripping. The wind goes down over night and is forecast to be a lot less tomorrow.

Tonight’s sunset.

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