Noisy Four Legged Neighbors

Wednesday May 15th 2019

I made an effort to get up earlier this morning. By 8AM I was enjoying my morning coffee and listening to the sounds of nature. It was a very calm morning after a cool overnight. I could hear the bird calls from every direction competing with the sounds of insects. I kept the TV off and just let the sounds creep in as I finished my breakfast.

Some of the water filled areas of Paynes Prairie.

The pleasing sounds of nature went away when my neighbors left for the morning. Their two dogs didn’t like being left inside their trailer. A steady flood of muffled dog barks broke into the serene natural sounds. I heard similar noise yesterday, but I didn’t identify its origin as the neighbors trailer. The dogs continued to bark and whine all morning. Early in the afternoon the barking noise went from muffled to full volume. Someone had let the dogs out into a fenced area in front of the trailer, but no one was home other than the dogs. After about an hour of full barking with everyone in the campground wandering by to see what was going on, a park ranger showed up to checkout the situation. With no one around all he appeared to do was leave a note on the door. I don’t know the resolution, but the people were packing up to leave when I returned from running errands in town. The site was empty by 5PM. It’s a shame because they were nice friendly dogs that were quiet when their people were present. The people need to understand the dogs issues and not leave them alone if they can’t train the behavior out of them.

More little blue wildflowers.

Today was my final day to prepare for my summer travels. I got most of my tasks complete. A couple of things can be done while traveling. Tomorrow I’m traveling about 325 miles to just east of Pensacola. Friday I’ll continue west to the Baton Rouge LA area. From there, I’m not sure. What little information I’ve heard about the weather across the country isn’t good. I saw one internet story from Accuweather that called for one of the worst severe weather events for Tornado Alley in recent years. I haven’t had Satellite TV the last couple of days so the Weather Channel and Accuweather were only available on the internet. Over the next coupe of days I need to decide if I want to take the route I planned across northern Texas or divert on a more southern route along I-10. I went west and back on I-10 in 2017/2018 and wanted to try a new route. The I-10 route is probably south of most of the potentially bad weather.

Time to for the Anhinga’s wings to dry.

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