Another Day of Summer Travel Preparation

Tuesday May 14th 2019

This campground is at the opposite end of the spectrum from my last stop. During my two and a half weeks at the campground in Starke FL I was surrounded by road and train noise and my RV was parked in the a field subject to the bright Florida sun. At this location I’m in a dense forest. It is very quiet and dark. The conditions were perfect for sleeping. Even though I had a lot of tasks to get done today, I didn’t even wake up until well after 9AM. Normally I wake up around 7:30 even if I decide not to get up until later.

One tiny blossom.

Today was close to perfect weather wise. It was in the mid eighties with low humidity and a light northwest breeze. The cold front that passed south last night was about 100 miles south in the Orlando area. The reports indicated that it was very wet and windy in that area.

My morning was mostly wasted by the slow start. Shortly before noon I drove down to the Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park visitors center before heading out on today’s errands. The water level on the prairie is lower than it was at the end of February and everything was much greener. I didn’t see any of the wild horses or bison, just a few loud hikers. They would have spooked any animals if they were in the area. I’ll stop in tomorrow for another quick check for the big animals.

A pair of tiny blossoms.

The city of Gainesville continues to keep me guessing on getting from point A to point B. The city is spread out and has multiple major roads crossing the city in every direction, but I think you need to know the smaller cross streets that intersect the major roads to successfully navigate the city. I found I was driving long distances to get to places that looked close together on the map.

I needed some cable ties from Walmart to neaten up a project I was working on so I did my grocery shopping for the travel days to come while I was there. My purchases for the travel period focus on simplicity of preparation. For instance, I didn’t buy meat that I would want to use the gas grill to cook. Getting the grill out and putting it away again during a one night stop is more work than I want to take on. Hamburg, pasta and marinara sauce are a multiple meal substitute.

One of thousands of squirrels that seem to rule the state park.

I was back at the RV by the supper hour with enough time to walk down to the picnic area on Lake Wauberg to check things out. Other than a few fishermen and lots of squirrels it was pretty quiet.

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