Domestic Chores get in the way of Theme Park Visits

Thursday March 28th 2019

Morning arrived too quickly today and it was 9AM when I made that determination. Last nights visit to Hollywood Studios in the cold weather seemed to require a full nights sleep to overcome. Once again my late start to the day changed my plans to visit the Animal Kingdom Park.

Blossom of the day.

Another random thing contributing to a change in plans was my phone. It was dead this morning. The battery is getting old. Once it gets close to a quarter charge it drops to zero in an instant. On top of that, the power connection is loose. If I’m not careful the slightest vibration can break the connection to the charger. Being one of the millions of technology dependent people of this age, not having a functioning phone is cause for a change in plans.

Arriving from the barn for “hay” rides.

While my phone charged I turned to domestic chores. The sink had an accumulation of dirty dishes to wash and the laundry was long overdue. Everyone of the comfort stations in Fort Wilderness has a laundry with six washers and six driers. They seem to be very busy in the late evening and early morning, but during the day I didn’t have any competition. As with anything Disney, they aren’t cheap. It cost three dollars for each washer load and another three dollars for the driers. The fees are collected with a high tech central credit card reader. Disney probably wants you to save your quarters for all the fifty one cent penny presses.

For the individual rides.

Once my chores were finished and my phone was charged I took a long bicycle ride around Fort Wilderness. The work on the new Reflections Resort that is replacing the old River Country water park is moving right along. The area around the barnyard, behind Pioneer Hall, is getting used for construction worker parking. The bus routes that were going along the road from the Settlement to the Wilderness lodge were changed on Monday. That road is now part of the construction zone. All of the internal buses are going up and down the two main campground roads. All of the buses that leave the park leave via the main entrance. The actual staging area for the construction project is way out on the old airstrip near the Magic Kingdom Parking lot. Things are going to be different for the few years of construction. Hopefully the new resort will not be an invasive presence in Fort Wilderness when it is finished.

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