Some Time at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Wednesday March 27th 2019

The good news is I got up early. The bad news is heavy rain on the roof woke me up. Something the weather forecasters called a Florida Nor’easter formed off the east coast of Florida overnight. This morning around seven thunder started to punctuate the morning quiet and heavy rain soon followed. Some of the areas a little east of here got unusually big quarter size hail. The rain continued hard until shortly before eleven.

This Azalea blossom is my blossom of he day.

Going to the Animal Kingdom the first thing in the morning was not practical. Not only would I get soaked, but there was no guarantee that the animals would be out to see. Instead I waited for the rain to let up then went out for groceries. I was getting low on sandwich materials, orange juice and non frozen meats. Leaving the Disney cocoon for a little while is an interesting reminder there is a real world out there.

The new Skyliner transportation system is in testing outside the Hollywood Studios for an opening later this year.

Around 3PM I grabbed a bus from the campground to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This is the park I’ve always liked the least. It has undergone extensive changes since my last visit in December of 2016. Toy Story land has opened and lots of changes are in progress for the new Star Wars land to open later this year. There are some areas of the park that I didn’t recognize after all the changes. Toy story land was interesting, but neither of the two new attractions are ones I’m likely to ride. The Slinky Dog Dash Roller Coaster and Alien Swirling Saucers are both very motion sickness inducing. Even the existing Toy Story Mania ride leaves me a little queasy. The bottom line is Hollywood Studios is still my forth favorite at Disney World and I suspect that the Star Wars land won’t change my opinion.

A Sorcerer Mickey topiary is at the entrance to the Hollywood Studios.

My first experience at the park today was the Beauty and the Beast show. I was just in time to get a seat for the 4PM show. The singing, talented dancing and abbreviated story overcome the super sappy musical aspect of the show. After the musical show, it was time for an action show. I made it across the park in time to get one of the last seats for the 5PM Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular which was as good as ever. I’ve read rumors that the show is going to get updated to remove some of the working move set theme, but I continue to enjoy it the way it is now. Next up was another show, Muppet Vision 3D. I was one of the last in to this show as well. In my hast I forgot to pick up my 3D glasses. Other than blurry double images it was still a good show.

Woody welcomes visitors to Toy Story Land.

After the Muppets, I slowed down a little. I took time out for some supper at the ABC Commissary. I had the Land and Sea dinner which was about average for theme park food. It served its purpose, a little nutrition and some time killed. The idea was to survive in the park until the night time show at the 9PM closing time.

Buzz Light Year guards the inside of Toy Story Land.

Next up was an exploration of the new Toy Story land. It’s very colorful and adorned with oversize kids toys from the last century. I know a lot of the toys are still around today, but I don’t think they are the center of a kids toy collection in this era. For example, Tinkertoys are probably behind Legos in popularity, but Disney couldn’t emphasize the competition. Checking out the attractions, didn’t excite me to a level that I was willing to risk motion sickness. Plenty of other people were taking the risk. The wait for the roller coaster was over an hour. I chose to ride Toy Story Mania which I’ve ridden before. It also had over an hour wait time.

Mr. Potato Head entertains the long queue for Toy Story Mania.

When I came out of the ride it was almost eight. The sun was down and a strong wind was blowing. It was getting very cold and uncomfortable. All of the shows that have human actors close at 6PM. That leaves the “thrill” rides which aren’t for me. I could only stay warm so long before I gave up the wait and headed for the bus. I caught some of the early part of the show which displayed scenes from movies on the side of the Chinese Theater building. I saw the pyrotechnics that followed from the bus stop. I wasn’t impressed. Heading for the warmth of the bus early was the right decision. The fireworks at the Magic Kingdom remain my favorite followed by EPCOT’s illuminations.

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