A Magical Time at the Magic Kingdom

Monday March 25th 2019

After breakfast this morning I road my bicycle around the camping loops in Fort Wilderness. My goal was to get some exercise before the heat of the day. The temperature started in the sixties under partly cloudy skies and climbed into the low eighties as the day progressed.

The blossom of the day.

After lunch I headed down to Bay Lake to catch the launch to the Magic Kingdom. Boat traffic from Fort Wilderness and the Wilderness Lodge to the Magic Kingdom is a little bit make shift right now. They are down at least one big launch and are using smaller craft and multi-stop routes. I got to the Magic Kingdom a little after 2PM on a boat that had to stop at the Wilderness Lodge on the way to the park.

My plan for the afternoon was to watch the Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade and to see a few attractions. The crowds were already gathering along main street for the 3PM parade when I entered the park. I spent a lot of time in the shops to kill time before the parade. Eventually I reached the hub area in front of the castle and waited with everyone else for the parade. The people watching was entertaining. The frazzled parents of kids that were burnt out from a hard day at the park were plentiful, but there were also many happy clans of extended families all dressed alike.

When the parade finally arrived my view was of the top halves of the floats. I was about fifty feet back from the parade route. The area between my location and the parade route was packed with people. I did OK identifying most of the characters on the floats, but a couple were total mysteries.

After the parade I watched/road the Carousel of Progress show. I’ve always enjoyed this attraction since I first saw it at the New York Worlds Fair in 1965. It’s now a pure history lesson since it only covers the twentieth century. Everything in the last scene that was supposed to represent the future has already happened.

A Great Egret in the middle of everything looking for dropped food.
A Great Egret launching from the top of an umbrella.

By the time I was finished with the Carousel of Progress my first FastPass time had arrived. I walked over to the Buzz Light Year Space Ranger Spin ride. The line at the FastPass entrance was longer than I’m used to seeing in the Standby line during the slower seasons that I usually visit the park. The FastPass line moves quickly and is much shorter than the Standby line, so there are still plenty of advantages to FastPass. I found a similar story at my second FastPass attraction the Haunted Mansion. The line to reach the FastPase entrance was two or three hundred feet long.

The Muppets telling the story of Paul Revere and how the nation was born.
A lot of people were riding the recently overhauled river boat.

After four hours in the park my tolerance for the crowds was diminishing and my hunger was increasing. The simple cure was to head back to my campsite for supper.

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