A Little Bit of EPCOT in My Day

Sunday March 24th 2019

It was a nice day with a few high clouds to block the sun from time to time. The temperature was around eighty in the afternoon after a slow start from around sixty degrees overnight.

Night Heron having a little lunch.
Even the bushes have blossoms.

I spent a lazy day wandering around Walt Disney World on the transportation system. I started with a short boat ride to the Wilderness Lodge and continued on from there on a bus followed by a couple of monorail rides and another boat back to Fort Wilderness. The only actual park time I spent was a couple of hours in EPCOT.

Blossom of the day,

The crowds today reflected the volume you’d expect for a Sunday in Spring Break season. It seemed to be very busy. The few wait times I saw at EPCOT were close to an hour for rides that usually move quickly like Space Ship Earth. I didn’t even check the rides that usually have long waits. The only attraction I visited was the Disney Pixar Short film theater. I’m not sure I’ve been in the theater since the “Honey I Shrunk the Audience” show ended years ago. Today I saw three short films that were really fun.

My real attraction to EPCOT this time of year is the International Flower and Garden Festival. The flowers, gardens and topiaries are beautiful. They make the park very bright and cheerful. I wandered around Future World checking out all the colorful plantings. I’ll be back a couple of more times this week to see more of the festival and watch some of the entertainment.

Tonight I returned to the Bay Lake beach in the campground to watch the fireworks. I didn’t take any pictures tonight, but watched the show more closely. There are some very remarkable firework shells. When the music and narration talks about love, the fireworks are in the shape of hearts. Similarly, when the bells are ringing, the fireworks are bell shaped. The view from the beach of the aerial bursts is terrific. It is a much calmer way to watch the fireworks than inside the Magic Kingdom. Last January I had that experience and had to fight my way out of the park after the show.

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