Travel Day to Bradenton FL

Friday March 15th 2019

I up before the sun burnt through the overnight clouds to prepare for today’s travels. I was in line at the campgrounds dump station shortly before 9:30 this morning. I hit the road with empty holding tanks at 10:00am.

Traffic on the northbound side of Interstate 75. It took 55 minutes to go less than six miles.

The first part of the trip went well. I made good time north to the Fort Meyers area. Even buying gas went relatively well. The station was easy in and out, but I had to wait for behind another RV for my turn at the pumps. The real difficult part of the travel was in the last fifty miles. I spent fifty five minutes to go less than six miles in one backup. The cause was an accident investigation team working around a motorcycle in the woods on the curb side of the road. The accident was long over, so I don’t know much about it. The second slow down wasn’t as long. There was a three mile slow down for a mini van in the woods along the median. The next slow down was traffic through construction zones.

The result of all the slow downs in the last fifty miles of travel was more than an hour delay it getting to Lake Manatee State Park in Bradenton FL. I had to hurry and get set up so I could get to my first Spring Training baseball game for this year. The fight through Friday night rush hour traffic was inline with all my driving experience today. It was slow and congested.

Rays vs. Pirates at LECOM Field.

The game between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Pittsburgh Pirates was fun. There were several home runs by both teams, a double play and only two walks. The game ended in a tie after nine innings. The teams probably wanted to get home.

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