Errand Day

Thursday March 14th 2019

Today was my last full day at the Midway Campground in the Big Cypress National Preserve. Tomorrow I relocate to Bradenton FL and switch into Baseball Spring Training Game viewing mode.

To be ready for a busy week of baseball watching I needed to get some errands done today. I set out on the fifty mile drive to Naples with two and a half tasks in mind. I needed to do grocery shopping at Walmart and I wanted to get my hair cut at the SuperCuts nearby. The half a task was refilling the car’s gas tank after using up so much fuel just getting to town.

As it turns out I added another task with a slightly higher priority on the drive into town. The oil change warning display appeared on my dashboard about half way to town. When the oil life gets to 15 percent it starts annoying you. If you clear the warning it will return every time you start the car. The owners manual indicates that it gets even more annoying as it approaches 10 percent, but I can’t confirm that. I prefer to change the oil when it reaches thirty percent, but I have experienced the fifteen percent warning before. So that I don’t experience the nagging at the lower percentages the oil needed to be changed today.

Blossom of the day.

My first stop on the road west was the place I planned to get a haircut. I opened the door to a full waiting room. There were at least eight people taking up all the available seats. Concerned with getting the oil changed, I wasn’t about to wait hours for a haircut. Back in the car, I used Google Maps to find an Instant Oil change place to my liking. It was about fifteen miles away on the other side of Naples. A lot of people were getting service today. I was fourth in line when I arrived. About an hour later my “Instant” oil change was complete.

While waiting for my oil change I found the location of another SuperCuts near the oil change place. There was only one person waiting in front of me at this place. I think the actual haircut took longer than any haircut I’ve ever had. The women doing the cut was slow and deliberate at everything she did including answering the phone. I think she took five minutes every time the phone rang with someone looking for an appointment. The third and final time she was interrupted by the phone she even had to get someone else to help her use the computer. The haircut was typical SuperCuts OK.

By the time I got my groceries and gas it was getting late in the afternoon. If we hadn’t transitioned to Daylight savings time, I would have been returning to my RV home in the dark. As it was I got stuck driving through one of the only rain showers I’ve seen while I’ve been in this south Florida area. It only lasted a few minutes and a few miles, but the road got pretty slick from the rain.

I have about one hundred and eighty five miles to travel tomorrow. I’ll leave here between 9:30 and 10AM to arrive after the 1PM checkout time. My first Spring training game of the year is tomorrow night.

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