A Day for the Birds

Wednesday January 9th 2019

The temperature didn’t get as low as I had expected last night. It was in the high fifties when I got up and it warmed up quickly once the sun broke through the overnight clouds. The warmth didn’t last long. The cold front passed through the area around noon with out any precipitation. The wind got stronger and started to drop the temperature. I expect tonight’s weather forecast of lows in the forties to come true.

Blossom of the day.

I started to explore the Robinson Preserve park in Bradenton this afternoon. Two years ago I had an opportunity to explore the preserve in depth. The trails through the marsh land and along the Manatee River are a good way to get some exercise and see some of natures wonders. Today, my visit was cut short by a need to meet friends for lunch. During my short visit I saw a couple of birds on one of the platforms built for Osprey nests. I want to believe I saw a pair of nesting Osprey, but I wasn’t close enough to be sure and my zoomed camera picture didn’t help much.

The water front was for the birds.

At lunch we were entertained by a variety of water birds. The Pelicans were particularly impressive. One pelican was patrolling the dock from one end to the other. Pelicans are clearly the leaders of the harbor bird residents. The patrolling pelican only decided the water was safer when a small dog took exception to its presence.

“King” of the dock.

Getting home from the west side of Bradenton was a real challenge. The drive time traffic caused grid lock. It often took multiple light cycles to get across an intersection. Over an hour and a half after I started home I arrived back at the campground. That was about three times the time it took to get there. The remnants of the setting sun were lighting the western sky when I arrived at my campsite.

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