A Perfect Weather Day

Tuesday January 8th 2019

Today was another perfect weather day. It’s cool when you get up in the morning, but the sun warms the day into the low seventies. Once he sunsets the temperature drops quickly. Tonight it is forecast to be in the forties.

A late night yesterday resulted in a slow start to today. It was well past ten by the time I was fully active and engaged with my breakfast coffee. My RV home must have sensed my lethargic state. The toaster set off the smoke detector to really get me moving. It doesn’t take much to set off the smoke detector when the door and windows are all closed. Luckily the alarm has a silence button, but I really should replace it with the kind that isn’t as sensitive to cooking smells.

Blossom of the dat

Shortly after noon I made the fifty minute drive south to Sarasota to get in some visiting with friends before I leave the area on Friday. Traffic cooperated today. The construction zones I have to pass through were not an issue and there weren’t any accidents or broken down cars. The interstate around here seems to be a magnet for traffic issues. Coming north this evening it took over an hour with traffic and other incidents.

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