Turtles and Football

Sunday January 6th 2018

Today was a slight improvement on yesterday’s very good weather. The temperature peaked around seventy under a bright sunny sky. The only real difference was a little less strength in the wind out of the north.

There weren’t enough clouds to make tonight’s sunset standout.

My main focus for the day was NFL football. Starting with the pre-game show at 1PM, football was on the TV. I’d watch it intently for a while then drift into other activities until the excitement of the crowd or announcers drew my attention back to the game. Both games were interesting with a little help from curious officiating.

The other activity getting my attention during the football games was 2019 travel planning. My progress is slowed by all the new territory along my travel route. The part of the plan I have figured out is through areas that I was either in during 2017 or considered traveling through. The plan picks up some of the places and attractions I didn’t get to explore or would enjoy repeating. The new territory in Oregon and Washington requires more research. First I need to discover what’s available and do I really want to visit. The final decision is how do I get there and how long do I stay in each area.

Three turtles on a log.

During the time between the games I took a bike ride around the park and down a random dirt cart path to the Little Manatee River. Today I found some additional wildlife. A few turtles were doing their thing in the sun on logs in the river. These turtles were a little more skittish than some I’ve seen in the past. When I made a little too much noise along the bank about twenty feet away they quickly slid into the river.

Little Manatee River

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