Horses and Groceries

Saturday January 5th 2019

The above normal temperatures of the last week or so gave way to a cooler day today. The high temperature was just under seventy degrees, but the sun was shining brightly most of the day.

Wild blossom of the day.

Last weekend the Little Manatee River State Park was full of campers with canoes, kayaks and boats. This weekend the equestrian part of the campground and the day use area was full of horse trailers. These weren’t your little squeeze in a couple of horses trailers. These trailers were designed for multiple horses and gear. I counted fifteen trailers, but there were likely more. Around the trailers horses of many sizes and colors were tied up. I imagine the horse trails through the park were well traveled today.

Little Manatee River

My big accomplishment for the day was restocking my food supply. Many other people had the same idea. The Super Walmart in Sun City Center a few miles to the north was very busy. In a couple of the aisles, I got stuck in shopping cart grid lock. Three carts traveling parallel in one direction can’t get by two side by side carts going the other way. Who was going to back up first? Common sense was not in abundance. I even got my cart run into once.

Yesterday’s rain raised the river level a little, but it is still down from a week ago when the run off from the major rainstorm before Christmas was still apparent. I take the three quarter mile hike along the trails to the river in hopes of seeing some wildlife, but so far I haven’t seen much. A few birds and an occasional squirrel is about it for wildlife.

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