2019 Travel Planning

Wednesday January 2nd 2019

Today was another great weather day in the Tampa Bay area. The temperature reached a near record high level. Tomorrow is forecast to be similar before the roller coaster starts back down on Friday.

Reflection in the waters of the Little Manatee River.

On the exercise and experience front I did some more exploring of the state park. I rode my bicycle around and did a little hiking. The Little Manatee river level is down about a foot from the weekend. I haven’t seen any wildlife of note, but the views of the river are very picturesque. The vegetation overhanging the banks and the trees reflecting in the smooth flowing water make some spectacular panoramas.

The mental challenge for the day was working on my 2019 travel plans. I want a more though out plan this year. My goal is to have all of my major stops figured out and locked in. That means I need to pick the areas of interest, determine how many days it will take to explore the area and find good places to stay. Then I need to understand how long it will take to move between the areas of interest along with where to stay on the way.

I leave Florida at the beginning of April. So far I’ve blocked out my extended stops through the end of June. Blocked out means I know the general location, dates and duration. I haven’t necessarily determined the specific campgrounds. There is also a fair amount of flexibility in the travel between blocks. I want to finish blocking out the rest of the summer before I start locking things in with real reservations. The reservation window for many of the places hasn’t even opened yet.

Vegetation cave along the Little Manatee River.

My destination for the 2019 summer travels is the Pacific Northwest. Specifically, I want to visit the Oregon and Washington coasts. During April, I’ll stop in New Orleans, Huston and western Texas possible at Big Bend National Park. In May, I’ll start moving north with stops in Las Vegas, and along the Interstate 15 corridor in Utah. During June, I’ll move west through Idaho into Oregon along Interstate 84. My extended stops will be in the Boise area and along the historic Oregon trail in eastern Oregon. To continue the plan I need to decide if I go straight to the Oregon coast or turn south at Portland before heading for the coast. Discovering all of the possible things to do is fun but a lot of work.

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