Slow First Day of the Year

Tuesday January 1st 2019

Today wasn’t a particularly blog worthy day. Most of my activity didn’t inspire documenting, but the reason for inactivity might.

Wild flower blossom at my campsite.

Last night there was the noise of exploding fireworks almost constantly from about 9PM until well after midnight. Some of it sounded nearby and other sounds were distant. It would have been nice to be able and see some of the fireworks going off, but I’m in a heavily forested area. It isn’t possible to see the sky in any direction other than straight up. The end result is the noise was just annoying. I was still listening to the noise at two in the morning long after the ball had dropped in New York city and the TV networks had finished ushering in the new year.

I got a very slow start to the day. It was a beautiful first day of the year with temperatures well above normal in the low eighties. When I finally left the park, traffic on the roads was terrible.
Every intersection on Interstate 70 was a massive slow down or stoppage of traffic as all of the unprepared drivers abruptly switch lanes to get off the highway followed by another set of drivers that don’t know how to yield and merge. It really noticeable when the highway is at or near capacity. It took longer to get to and from places today.

Blossom of the day.

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