Travel Day to Georgia

Thursday November 8th 2018

It rained most of the night, but stopped by the time I started to pack up for today’s travel. It was an overcast day with an occasional light shower. Overall not the worst travel weather.

I was on the road heading south at 9:40. The first part of the trip around Fayetteville and through Lumberton North Carolina was through territory that was underwater during Hurricane Florence. There were only a few indicators of the damage visible including some downed trees. For the most part traffic moved along at a steady pace. Most of the Interstate through South Carolina is two lanes in each direction with trees separating the directions. Since I’m traveling under the speed limit, I get to see many cars pass by close in the other lane. From the number of northern license plates on cars packed high with stuff, it is apparent that the snowbird migration is in full force.


Site 23 at the Savannah South Koa in Richmond Hill GA.

My travel day ended shortly after two at the Savannah South KOA in Richmond Hill GA. At two hundred and eighty miles it is in the distance sweet spot for a days travel. Ideally, I want to travel between two and three hundred miles a day. Of course tomorrow is going to break the rule. I’ve only got about ninety miles to travel. I had a little difficulty finding a site for the Veternas Day Holiday weekend. I’ll be in the St. Marys Georgia area for the next week.


Some of the collection of birds using the resources of the pond.


A couple of swans join the other birds.

This campground doesn’t have the biggest sites, but it is located on the side of a pond. The pond is a refuge for many kinds of birds. In a few minutes this afternoon I saw everything from ducks to swans including egrets and blue herons. I spent a few minutes before dark sitting on a bench watching the birds in the pond. Today was the first day since the time change that I noticed how early it is getting dark.


Close up of one of the swans.

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