Where is the Rain ?

Monday September 10th 2018

I expected to wake up to the sound of rain on the roof of my RV home. Instead, I woke to a cloudy dull day. The forecast rain didn’t arrive until two thirty in the afternoon. Light to medium intensity rain has been falling since then. The current forecast has it lasting all night into the morning.

Before it started to rain I got in some exercise by walking around the campground. My walk started at the dumpster to deposit the trash and continued through the section of the park occupied by the seasonal residents. Most of the trailers in the area are not occupied right now. The people are either at work or at home during the inclement weather. Most of the seasonal sites seem to be occupied by Canadians. The nearest major population areas are in Canada. I imagine they have to manage their days in the country to keep under the 182 day IRS rule, so bad weather is probably a good reason to stay at home in Canada.


My RV home all alone in the field.

Back at my RV home as the rains began, I settled into research mode. I’m working on figuring out future travel plans. I need to lock in the rest of my winter plans and start the 2019 summer plans. I’m going to try and have more detail locked in early for next year. I’m heading for the west coast after spending the winter in Florida. The first decision is how do I get there. I could go across the southern states to California and turn north or cut diagonally across country to Washington State and turn south. Either way I’ll have to be back in the southwest before the snow sets in next fall.

Today is my last full day here. I’m moving into Vermont tomorrow. I got a few of the outside travel preparation tasks done before the rain started, but I’ll have a few extra tasks in the morning. Hopefully, it won’t be raining too hard.


The blossom of the day. As you can see I’m searching hard for flowers.


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