Laundry Day

Tuesday June 26th 2018

It was already approaching eighty when I got up this morning. The temperature didn’t cool off much at all last night. The actual temperature topped out in the mid 90s, but taking the humidity into account the heat index was over 100 degrees today. There was good breeze that made it more comfortable than the numbers make it sound.


Bed of various colors of Impatience in front of the campground office.

This evening the area is under a severe thunderstorm watch. The local television stations all have an outline of the area counties on the bottom corner of the screen. I find these indicators completely useless for people unfamiliar with the area. It is easy to find out the name of the county for your location. Finding out its shape is a little harder. Then you need to compare the shape of the county with all the counties on the little outline map on the TV. A simple crawl across the bottom of the screen with all the counties impacted by name would be much easier for people unfamiliar with the area. After all that I determined I’m at the southern edge of the watch area. The radar display on my phone Apps are a lot easier to watch.


The warmth overnight caused the air conditioner to cycle on and off all night. Up until last night it didn’t come on very often overnight. The consequence is that I didn’t get a very good nights sleep. I was very slow getting going this morning. Breakfast lasted most of the morning in front of the TV. Getting into tourist mode didn’t happen. The chief accomplishment for the day was catching up with the laundry. The facility at this campground had many machines, but almost half were broken. There were plenty of machines at two in the afternoon, but later in the day it might have been a problem. This park is mostly empty during the day. It fills up quickly as night approaches.


The weather is forecast to get hotter as the days go by. It is averaging more than five degrees above normal for this time of year. With the increasing humidity it is going to get really warm, but I’m getting acclimated. I’m writing about it because the weather is always an easy topic when you don’t have anything better to write about.

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