Rain Early and Storms Late

Sunday June 24th 2018

Today started wet and ended stormy. In between it was sunny and humid in the low nineties. Around midnight last night there was a period of loud thunder nearby, but it never produced any rain. The rain came without the thunder near dawn into the morning. It remained cloudy until early afternoon.


This large boat is based out of the marina just up river from my campsite.

Near nightfall the second wave arrived. At line of “severe” thunderstorms moved into the area from the west. The National Weather Service declared a Severe Thunderstorm warning for the area. The storm arrived with a lot of wind followed by heavy rain. The wind dropped another branch from a tree beside my RV. It missed everything of value, but did block the road in front of my site during the storm. I dragged it out of the way after the rain letup. As the storm passed through, the lightning across the river to the north was spectacular. I’m glad I wasn’t in the areas it was striking. I think the storms are over for tonight.


The thunderstorm moving in from the west.

During the day I made another grocery run to the Walmart Supercenter. I should be set for the next week for basic supplies. In my opinion Walmart’s selection of meats is generally poor. This one seemed to be worst than usual. I need to find a dedicated name brand grocery store to get some some meat. That will have to wait until I reposition my RV home tomorrow.


View out my front window of the early windy stage of the storm. Shortly after I took this picture a small branch came down into the road area between my rig and the red truck.

I spent a good part of the day getting ready to move tomorrow. I’ve been negligent in putting things away after I finish using them. The outside is ready to go, but the inside still needs to have things stowed. I’m only moving about one hundred and fifty miles to the Memphis area tomorrow. Check out time here is late at 3PM, so I can take my time in the morning.


Little Blue Heron or perhaps an Night Heron.

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