Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge

Tuesday April 24th 2018

The rain that haunted the area for the last few days was gone this morning. I woke up to a nice clear day that eventually topped out with temperatures in the mid 80s. It was a beautiful Florida spring day.

I made it to the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge for some real exploring today, but I really only brushed the surface of the areas to explore. I started at the boardwalk behind the visitors center and then drove through the refuge to the Manatee viewing area at the Haulover canal. There were many areas along the way that I’d like to explore, but without a detailed map it was difficult to know which areas to select. I have a little better idea for my next visit; maybe tomorrow.


Boardwalk behind the Merritt Island Wildlife refuge.


One of the first critters to great me.




Turtle climbing on a platform in the lake to take some sun.



Another turtle taking the sun in some weeds along the shore of the pond.


Pelicans along the rail under the bridge over the Haulover canal. Every now and then one of the pelicans would dive into the water for a yummy morsel of some kind.


Manatee passing by the viewing area in the Haulover canal.


Another Manatee in a cluster of six to eight.


Pelican flying away from the rail under the bridge.

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