Household chores while waiting for the rain

Monday April 23rd 2018

All I can say is “they” did it to me again. The weather forecasters lead me to believe today would be a rainy day. I planned to stay at home and wait out the inclement weather. The sun was out this morning but there were cloudy periods. It wasn’t until 4PM that the rain arrived. It was gone by six and wasn’t constant during the two hour window. When I use my northeast trained weather forecast filter I interpret rainy day to mean it’s going to rain all day. The forecasters down here seem to mean somewhere in our forecast area it’s going to be raining during the day as their definition of rainy day. I’ll grant you there was rain all over central Florida today, but no single area got rain all day. If they were more specific, I’m didn’t hear it.



Today was a regular living in the RV day. I accomplished a few household chores like cleaning the cabinet woodwork with a little furniture polish. They had picked up a bit of dust over the last few weeks. I still need to attack cleaning the dashboard and the inside of the front motorhome window, but other than that the RV is reasonably clean. Most of the remaining part of the day was spent reading and watching NCIS reruns on TV.


Sky to the southwest after the storms passed to the east.

Tomorrow I’ll be back in tourist mode. I plan to return to the Merritt Island National Wildlife refuge, so tomorrow’s blog entry should be more entertaining. Today’s blog entry just satisfies my desire to write something every day.

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