Sunday at Home in the Campground

Sunday March 4th 2018

The temperature got down to the low fifties overnight according to the TV weather people. I think it may have been lower here. I woke up around 5AM and added a blanket to the covers. The day was another almost perfect day. The temperature peaked in the mid 70s a little lower than Saturday and the wind blew harder as well. Once again the there wasn’t a cloud in the sky all day.

I sat outside with my coffee this morning listening to and watching the birds. After a while I got my tablet and a second cup of coffee. Before I knew it the morning had passed. I put the tablet away for awhile and walked over to the viewing area for the lock. Over the course of the next hour I watched the boats going through the lock. They ranged from little ski boats to sixty foot ocean capable trawlers. My guess is they range in cost from a few thousand dollars to north of a million.


Three boats ready to rise eight feet in the lock.


Small trawler in the style of an old tugboat.


Big 60 foot boat coming in from the east.


Sixty foot trawler from “Omaha Nebraska”. I think the owner said they were actually based out of Punta Gorda FL.

The afternoon found me back in my chair watching the birds and reading. I think I’m back in RV living mode after six weeks of being mostly in travel mode. I experienced some bad weather coming across the country, but overall was lucky. During the last couple of weeks the areas I traveled through have had more than their share of bad weather.

For dinner I grilled a piece of steak and microwave “baked” a potato. It was very good. It also pretty much emptied the refrigerator of my backlog of food. If I don’t get to the store tomorrow, I’ll have to raid the freezer. I guess my days of hanging out at the campground are over for a couple of days.


Tonight’s sunset.

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