A Near Perfect Day

Saturday March 3rd 2018

This was the closest thing to a perfect weather day as I’ve experienced in a long while. The humidity of the last week was gone. The temperature settled into the mid 70s after several days in the mid to upper 80s. Even the sky cooperated. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky above all day. The only glitch to perfection was the occasionally gusty wind.


Great Egret in the drainage canal runoff area.

I spent the day enjoying life at the campground. This park has the perfect mix of wildlife to watch, boats passing by to attract attention, the operation of the locks to satisfy my mechanical fascination and the entertainment of watching people attempt to catch fish in the canal. I parked across the street from the walkway over the dam to the lock viewing area. It is open from 8am to 4pm when work on the dam doesn’t keep it closed. I can cross over to the observation area when I see interesting boats approaching the lock. The viewing area is close enough to the boats for conversation with the occupants.


Sailboat out of Melbourne FL departing the lock to the west.


Boat entering from the west to be raised eight feet by the lock.


Leaving to the east.

The area behind my RV is open area. It is about fifteen to twenty feet lower than the campground located on the canal’s south side levee. The area contains good habitat for land birds and water birds in the drainage canal area. Bird songs and squawks are constant throughout the day. Sitting outside my motorhome watching the aerial traffic into and over the area by the birds is surprisingly interesting. Where I got my current fascination with birds is a mystery.

The drainage canal behind my RV empties into the boat canal a short walk from my campsite. The drainage canal passes through the campground on the levee in a rock lined ditch. This is the home for some mammal life. On several occasions near evening I’ve seen a raccoon in the ditch. He’s pretty content on finding food and doesn’t pay any attention to the people watching him from above. The other residents of the ditch are very aware of the people. At least a pair of otters live near the mouth of the drainage ditch. They often pause and look right at the watching people as they go about swimming and climbing the rocks as they search for fish.


Tonight’s Sunset


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