Wind Storm

Monday November 27th 2017

Today’s weather was a wind storm. I’ve come to understand that weather transitions in the desert are not usually accompanied by precipitation, but always with wind. This morning started with strong winds from the south. The temperature got up into the mid seventies like it had been for the last few days. A little afternoon the wind started to strengthen and became more of a north wind. The sky darkened and the temperature started to drop. All the time the wind gusts got stronger and more frequent. Gusts between fifty and sixty miles per hour were reported in the Las Vegas valley. Anything that wasn’t anchored down was blowing around. I had to scramble to make sure my outdoor chairs didn’t get away. Fellow campers with outdoor rugs were really challenged to keep everything in place. The palm trees were even giving up some of their older weaker branches. By evening the wind was starting to calm down and the temperature was noticeably cooler.

In this blog entry I am including pictures of some of the Christmas Trees I’m seeing in my travels around the valley. Most of them are from shopping areas or casinos. I wonder if they’re all decorated by the same company. There are many similarities.


r3t2017-11-17_21-342Around two this afternoon I got started on my daily activities outside the RV Park. It seems like two is my natural departure time. If I need or want to leave earlier, I have to make a very focused effort. Today was a shopping day for groceries and a few Christmas decorations. For a bit of a change and the concentration of stores I drove about five miles to the Sunset Road area of Henderson NV.

r3t2017-11-23_20-251I managed to get most of what I wanted at Walmart. I got all of my food shopping complete and also picked up a couple of sets of battery operated LED Christmas lights. I need to find a tiny Christmas tree or maybe a centerpiece of some sort to go with the lights. I’ll be looking over the next couple of days.





The grocery side of the Walmart was packed with shoppers in the middle of a week day afternoon. The rest of the store wasn’t bad given the season. Getting down some of aisles was a slow process. I often had to make a U turn back the way I came. Other times I just had to wait out the shopping cart jams. The good thing was that all of the checkout lanes were open. I didn’t have to wait twenty minutes to get checked out like I have at other Walmarts.

When I sit down to write these blog entries, I don’t always no what I’m going to write. I remain committed to documenting each day of my Rambling Road Trip. I don’t want to get out of the habit of writing an entry every day. Sometimes I surprise myself and come up with an interesting blog entry. Then there are ones like this one that show just how ordinary some days turn out.

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