A Slow Day

Sunday November 26th 2017

Today was another above average day in Las Vegas. The temperature topped out just short of 80 degrees. It is only expected to be around 60 degrees this time of year. The wind is starting to pick up so the change to cooler temperatures is about to occur.

I didn’t do anything interesting today. Most of my attention was split between football games on the TV and reading various random articles on the internet. For exercise I walked around the RV park a few times. The Christmas decorations continue to appear. The most elaborate was a blow up snowman on top of a box trailer. It is six to eight feet tall above the ten to twelve roof of the box trailer. If it were much higher it would need a warning light for low flying aircraft.


Frosty the snowman on top of a box trailer.


Frosty illuminated at night.

It looks like the park and the residents will really decorate for Christmas. After the lack of decorations for Halloween I wasn’t sure what to expect. I thought about going out and getting some decorations of my own, but I’ll do that tomorrow along with the grocery shopping.


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