Lazy Black Friday

Friday November 24th 2017

The beautiful weather continues. The days are warm in the upper 70s and the nights are in the low 50s. Great for being outdoors during the day and cool enough for sleeping at night. It helped me sleep late this morning.

When I finally got up I took my breakfast coffee and English muffins outside. I put out the awning and turned on the outside TV. I spent a few hours in front of the outside TV with my tablet reading. Eventually I had to move inside. The sun got around to an area that the awning wasn’t providing any shade. The inside was warm but I stubbornly refused to turn on the air conditioning. Instead, I opened a couple more windows and turned up the speed of the vent fan.


Christmas lights on the clubhouse building at the RV park. The security lights don’t help the decorations. 

I didn’t have any place I wanted to be today. The idea of fighting the Black Friday traffic was very unattractive. The regular weekday traffic is bad enough. I’ll venture back out tomorrow after the first rush of Christmas shoppers have retreated to check their lists and bank accounts. To breakup the day and get some exercise I took a couple of laps around the RV park. I haven’t measured the distance around the park, but I’d guess it is a little over a half mile.

There were more empty sites today than yesterday. Once again my understanding of the coming and going  in this park was wrong. I thought the park had filled for the long weekend, but it appears it was only for the holiday itself. The motorhome in the site beside mine arrived Monday and left today. I never even got to meet them. That isn’t surprising, but the fact that I have only met the male member of the couple on the other side is surprising. They were here when I arrived, probably not for long as they were still setting up camp. They rarely come out of their RV. The man comes out to do a chore or two, but they never sit outside. Occasionally the man with get in the car and go away for awhile. I only know there is a woman in the couple because I saw her get in the car twice in five weeks. Many days go by with no one coming out of the RV. There is nothing wrong with that, it is their approach to living in an RV. I just find it unusual.

This evening I noticed that the RV park has turned on the Christmas lights at the clubhouse. They’ve been hung for about a week, but this is the first evening I’ve seen them turned on. In my opinion, they looked better turned off in the daylight. I hope they tweak the arrangement a little now that they can be viewed at night. For example, some things are blinking and some things aren’t. There is no symmetry between the blinking and non-blinking parts. The white lights also mask the more colorful lights. Other areas of the RV park are much more colorful. Residents have wrapped palm trees in lights, setup fully decorated Christmas trees in their yards and lined various parts of their rigs with lights. I guess it’s time I got some decorations.

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