Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday November 23rd 2017

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I continue to be thankful that I have the health and means to enjoy this full time RVing lifestyle.

It was another record warm day in Las Vegas. The high for the day was in the upper seventies with lots of sunshine and very little wind. Between breakfast and the first football game of the day I took a walk around the RV park. As I mentioned in yesterdays blog entry the park is almost full. The surprising thing was there weren’t a lot of people around this morning. I can only conclude that they are staying here but have holiday plans elsewhere in the area.


One of the Christmas displays at the Sams Town casino.

When I got back to my site, the impromptu entertainment began. The guy in the motorhome behind me has a cat that is always getting out of the RV. There was one instance shortly after I got here that the cat was missing for a couple of days, but he usually tracks the animal down quickly. Today wasn’t one of the quick days. He starts by yelling at the cat to get inside. The cat takes refuge under his motorhome. The guy gets his knee pads on and starts crawling around the RV continuing to yell at the cat to get back in the motorhome. The cat is following none of his directions and makes a run for the next RV. The guy follows and is now under his neighbors RV yelling at the cat. This continues for ten or fifteen minutes before the guy comes back from down the street trying to herd the cat in front of him. The cat again doesn’t follow directions and passes right by his RV and continues under the next RV.


Another of the Christmas decorations at Sams Town.

I guess my neighbor took a break from chasing the cat, because it became silent for an hour or so. The silence was refreshing. About and hour later my neighbor was back out wandering the RV park yelling for the cat. He never seems to try and get the cat to come to him. He just keeps yelling the cats name. I know very little about cats but this seems to be counter productive. When he knows where it is; wouldn’t it be better to sit down and calmly try and get the critter to come to him? Tonight, six or more hours after this all started, he was walking around all of his neighbors RVs with a flashlight calling the cat some more. Now he sounds distraught, but earlier he just sounded mad at the cat.

For Thanksgiving dinner I went to Sam’s Town casino. I joined a few hundred other people at the buffet for the holiday meal. It seems to be a popular destination for local families. Seeing all the little kids walking through the casino is a bit unusual. This is definitely a different type of crowd than you normally see at a casino. They seem to embrace and welcome the kids. The indoor courtyard was decorated for Christmas and starting tomorrow Santa Claus will be there every afternoon and evening.

Dinner was good and I ate too much. My first plate was traditional with turkey, green beans, dressing and mashed potatoes with gravy. My second plate focused on a slice of beef with similar sides to the first plate. For desert I squeezed in a small slice of apple pie. While I digested my dinner I feed a slot machine its Thanksgiving dinner.


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