Travel Day to West Wendover NV

Friday June 30th 2017

I got up this morning to a windy day. Just what I didn’t want on a travel day. I had 180 miles to travel from Twin Falls Idaho to West Wendover Nevada. I got on the road at ten.

Most of my travel was south on US 93 from Twin Falls to Interstate 80 in Wells NV. I came north on this road in May and found it to be a challenge. It wasn’t any better today. So far on this Rambling Road Trip, it is the most challenging major road I’ve traveled on. The Idaho section isn’t bad, but in Nevada it is a two lane road that climbs over a couple of six thousand plus feet peaks with six percent grades. Add to that challenge, no real shoulders with twenty to fifty feet drop offs on both the sides of the road and it gets scarier. Top it all off with gusting cross winds through open areas and you have a white knuckle concentration activity.

The northeast Nevada area must be a big grazing area for deer or elk. The road signs for crossings could represent either animal.  Route 93 has large sections with double high fences,  underpasses and bridges designed just for the animals to safely cross the highway. On the section of Interstate 80 I drove across they were building two new bridge crossings. The engineers are not concerned with the weight of traffic crossing the bridge so they put up a corrugated metal tube like a Quonset hut and cover it with dirt. I’m just not sure how you convince the animals to use the bridges.


Site B-12 at the Wendover KOA. It is a gravel lot with scattered trees a block off the main drag and a block from the train tracks.

I arrived at West Wendover NV around 1:30. It is located near the bottom of the western slop of a mountain that flattens out into the salt flats of western Utah. The town is the only Nevada community officially in the Mountain time zone. All of its commerce and media outlets are associated with Utah. The town of Wendover is in Utah and starts as soon as the casinos stop. I’ll be here until the 12th of the month.

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