Finding a Home for the Holiday

Thursday June 29th 2017

Today’s mission was to find a place to stay for the holiday week. This morning I drove out to the county fairgrounds. Like many fairgrounds, they have RV hookups for use by attendees to the various events held at the fairgrounds and they rent the sites out when not needed for events. The problem is there’s not a lot of information about the fairgrounds and they don’t take reservations.


Pseudo wildflowers planted around the campground.

I found a nice grassy area with hookups for RVs at the fairgrounds. What I didn’t find were people using the facility. There were a handful of RVs scattered around but I didn’t see any people. The fairgrounds itself was fairly busy. It looked like a day camp was using part of the grounds and the stables had activity. For no apparent reason, I had an uncomfortable feeling about the place. I was concerned about the physical security and to a certain extent personal safety. I decided to move on to option two.

I’ll head south tomorrow over the mountains into Nevada. I’ve made reservations for the next ten days on the Nevada Utah boarder. I can use that as a base to explore northeastern Nevada, the salt flats of Utah and the Golden Spike region in Utah to the northeast of my base camp. I also made reservations in the Provo Utah area for a few days before moving to the reservations I already had in Salt Lake City. Between all of these reservations, I am now booked until the end of July. I need to work on August and September.


View to the west from the Perrine Bridge.


View to the east from the Perrine Bridge.

On my way back from the fairgrounds I stopped at the Perrine Memorial Bridge over the Snake River to see the BASE jumpers. I wasn’t disappointed. I got to see two people jump together and the scenery in the canyon was even more vibrant than when I was here in May. The green colors were deeper and the browns were darker.


Two BASE jumpers (on right) and an observer on the bridge ready to jump.


Kayaks in the river below the bridge.


Jumpers on the way down. They are over the middle of the river, but my angle makes it look like they are in the rocks.


Jumpers on the ground near the target.

The weather today was positively beautiful. It topped out in the mid 80s and the storms stayed north of here. Tomorrow in this area will be more of the same. Across the mountains to the south it will be a few degrees warmer, but dryer. Independence day in this area is forecast to be over 100 degrees. In Nevada there will be several days around 100 degrees. That’s the down side to the move.


Cattle across route 93 from my campsite. They sure make a lot of noise at night.

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