Slow Day in Pocatello

Tuesday June 27th 2017

Thunderstorms were all around the area last night, but we only got wind here. Today has been a sunny warm day in the mid to high 80s. Overall it was a few degrees more comfortable than yesterday.


Pasture land (and an ugly power line) beside the RV park.

I didn’t do anything spectacular today. I made a run to the grocery store for a few luxury items like cookies and did some driving around to get a general feel for the area. One interesting highway interchange stood out. The route 91 bridge over Interstate 86 swaps the lanes over the bridge to avoid left hand turns across traffic to get onto the Interstate. So the northbound lane moves from the right of the southbound lane before the bridge at an X style interchange and then back to the right at an X style interchange after the bridge. All of this so the traffic getting on the Interstate never has to have a traffic light for a left hand turn across the on-coming traffic. I just don’t know what the traffic engineers were trying to accomplish. Perhaps it was because there were two actual bridges rather than one wide bridge.

This afternoon at the campground I was able to catch up on my laundry. I had quite a bit to get washed. Since I’ve been wearing a lot of cool weather clothes, I have been able to go deep into my supply of clean clothes without being in danger of running out. However, I was running out of space to keep the dirty clothes. I didn’t make the time while I was at Glacier NP and the facility at Deer Lodge didn’t impress. This park has six washers and dryers at a reasonable per load cost in a nice clean room.

The afternoon campground entertainment got started late today. Watching the arriving travelers come into the park is the entertainment I’m talking about. Tonight a trailer arrived at the site next to me. It pulled in and the co-pilot got out and looked at the position. The next thing I knew they were backing out of the site and repositioning closer to the utilities. After another conversation between the pilot and co-pilot they backed up the trailer ten feet or so. The co-pilot went inside the trailer while the pilot stood outside looking at the trailer. When the co-pilot came back out they reposition the rig again. All I can think is they weren’t satisfied with how level the rig was. It looked fine to me. After another couple of minutes in the trailer by the co-pilot. They switched sites. The procedure was repeated on a site across the street. Once they finally got setup I came to the conclusion they were new at this. Their water hose and electric cable looked like they hadn’t been out of the box for long.

Tomorrow is a travel day. I’ll be going a little over a hundred miles west to Twin Falls ID. I’ll be staying a couple of nights at the same park I was in at the middle of May. This will be another short stay of two nights before I move on.

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