Rain Rain Go Away

Friday May 26th 2017

Last night the weather forecast was for rain early in the morning and with a chance of thunderstorms in the late afternoon if the sun broke through. That was a little off. It was foggy and rainy until about 3PM. An hour or two later the sun broke through and it started to warm up from the mid 40s into the 50s. Since the sun doesn’t set until around 9PM, it’s still possible that thunderstorms develop, but I doubt there will be enough warming.


View to the east this morning.


Same view to the east this evening.

When I heard the forecast I figured I’d do some more driving around the area today. I have the other direction from Arco toward Idaho Falls to check out. The conditions this morning did not support such an endeavor. Visibility was down to next to nothing. It never really rained hard just steady.


Rain drops in a puddle. It was a steady but light rain.

I spent most of the day watching TV and listening to the radio. The TV reception is not the best in this area. The Idaho Falls ABC station and its sub channels can be received 90 percent of the time. The PBS channel and subs seem to come in all the time. There is also a CBS channel that can be received occasionally. My satellite TV is equally problematic. An annoying tree branch can interrupt the signal when the wind blows the wrong way. Between all of these sources I watched some out of my normal programming today.

Tomorrow is forecast to be sunny and warmer. I’ll be able to get out and see some of the things I came to this area to see. My blog entry tomorrow night should be more informative than tonight’s random discussions of the weather and my TV view habits. I’d rather write about the weather than skip a night writing the blog. Recording something about each day is about the only structure I have.

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