Relaxation at Home

Sunday May 21st 2017

It rained most of the night. A steady rain started around 10PM and was still making noise on the roof when I woke briefly at 4AM, but had stopped by 6:30. The day was mostly sunny with a high temperature in the upper 60s.


These critters live across the highway. This morning they were talking up a storm.

Today was a day to chill. This morning over breakfast I watched all of the weekend campers and travelers leave the campground. By noon the sites across from me were all empty. One of my two immediate neighbors had also departed. Around 1PM the sites started to fill up with new travelers. This evening most of the sites around me are full, but the back of the campground is empty.

While watching TV today I spent time considering my travel plans. I know in general terms my plans into the fall. I don’t know what I’m doing after October until I get back to Florida in March. In the end of October I expect to be north of Phoenix in the Verde Valley. I have been assuming I’d stay in Arizona through January, but today I started thinking about Texas.

I am now investigating the Big Bend National Park area in November, San Antonio in December and the Gulf Coast over to Houston in January. Temperatures will clearly be cooler than Arizona or Florida, but if it is a normal winter very possible. I don’t have to commit to any specific direction for another couple of months. In the mean time I’ll keep researching. The San Antonio River walk at Christmas time sounds like a must see.

Overall I think staying home and thinking was a good way to spend the day. If anything it has opened my thoughts to new travel possibilities.

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