What happened to Spring

Wednesday May 17th 2017

Today’s weather was more appropriate for March than May. The rain stopped with the passing of the cold front overnight. In its place we have cold temperatures and strong winds. It barely cleared 40 degrees today and the wind was blown continuously. An occasional shower resulted in wind blown dampness. It was miserable outside.

To break up the day, I went for a drive with a stop for a few food items. This areas has rolling terrain. It isn’t hilly, but it isn’t flat either. It is primarily grass lands with scattered groups of trees used for ranch land and farming. As usual I have no idea what kind of crops were being grown. Fields were in different states of cultivation from fully covered in green growth to bare dirt. The one thing they all had in common was massive irrigation systems.

The most common irrigation system was the pivot style that creates circular cultivated fields when viewed from thirty thousand feet in an airplane. There were also long lateral sprinkler arrays that traveled down the length of the fields under there own power. A variation on those seemed to be designed to be rolled across the field possibly by human power. I imagine irrigation systems are very important during the growing season, but why were many of them running today after about 12 hours of rain.


A reminder of what spring is supposed to look like.

The campground is much closer to full tonight than it has been. One reason is that most of yesterday’s arrivals didn’t leave in this mornings winds. I think only about two rigs left this morning. New campers having been arriving all afternoon. The weather is forecast to be better tomorrow. It may even make it to 60 degrees. I suspect there will be many early departures in the morning.

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